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McCoy Power Reports

McCoy documents power project development activity including decarbonization strategies (energy storage, green hydrogen/ammonia and carbon capture), providing context, enabling trend analyses and facilitating insight.


About The Company:

Robert McCoy was an equity analyst for various investment banks from 1967 to 1991. Initially focused on the market share of nuclear reactor manufacturers, Mr. McCoy’s coverage quickly expanded to all major thermal and hydro power gen equipment. After 24 years as an analyst, Mr. McCoy established McCoy Power Reports (McCoy) as an independent company.

What We Do:

McCoy captures data on thermal, nuclear, hydro, energy storage, carbon capture and hydrogen/ammonia project activity. Our methodology is to work with project participants to understand when a project has been funded and to capture relevant project data. This unique methodology provides the most contemporary, market based feedback to the power generation industry.

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